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BRUNO Parquet presents WALLS: the wooden panel covering system easy to install, which decorates and furnishes interior walls in a simple and elegant way creating refined design locations.
WALLS panels are produced respecting that unique and irreplaceable raw material which is wood and realized with European species recovered from different sources.
The panels are assembled by skilled artisans who make each single piece exclusive and precious.
Each panel is rich in style and character, a right combination between vintage and modern which suits any taste and any location.


  • Thickness: 15/30 mm
  • Width: 180 mm
  • Length: 900 mm


  • Old Oak Linear
  • Old Oak Big Square
  • Oak Cleaved
  • Oak Fossil Linear
  • Oak Fossil
  • Poplar Mazer
  • Walnut Eaves
  • Walnut Cleaved
  • Walnut Big Square
  • Walnut Small Square

  • Walls Oak Cleaved
  • Walls Oak Fossil
  • Walls Fossil Linear
  • Walls Old Oak Big Square
  • Walls Old Oak Linear
  • Walls Poplar Mazed
  • Walls Wallnut Big Square
  • Walls Wallnut Cleaved
  • Walls Wallnut Eaves
  • Walls Wallnut Small Square
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