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A highly sensorial tailor made collection, an emotional offer which meets any taste and any interior design need.
The most prestigious wooden species, with tactile surfaces and natural finishing in the scope of a project which suggests the theme of wood as a living, ecologic and recyclable element.
Unconventional options matching the different aptitudes of modern lifestyles.


  • Thickness: 14/15 mm
  • Width: 180/200 mm
  • Length: 800/2400 mm


  • B.Logic Old Beam Oak brushed natural
  • B.Brave Oak thermo-treated hand worn natural
  • B.Easy Chestnut 7-hand brushed natural
  • B.Crazy Chestnut thermo-treated 7-hand brushed natural
  • B.Original Chestnut thermo-treated chiselled natural
  • B.Trendy European Walnut hand worn natural
  • B.Elegant American Walnut hand worn natural
  • B.Cool Elm 7-hand brushed natural
  • B.Different Ash saw cut dune
  • B.Wild Asian Teak 7-hand brushed natural

LegnoAria+ finishing


  • B.Cool olmo spazzolato 7 mani
  • B.Wild Teak Asia Spazzolato 7 mani
  • B.Elegant Noce Americano consumato a mano
  • B.Different Frassino taglio sega dune
  • B.Crazy Castagno TT Spazzolato 7 mani
  • B.Brave Rovere Rustico TT Consumato a mano
  • B.Brave
  • Veins B.Cool
  • Veins B.Crazy
  • Veins B.Different
  • Veins B.Easy
  • Veins B.Elegant
  • Veins B.Logic
  • Veins B.Original
  • Veins B.Trendy
  • Veins B.Wild
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