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Wooden floor to see and to live

Wooden species high knowledge together with rough material quality, wood common origin and precise control during each production stage make our wooden floors excellent products.

Bruno's products offer a large possibility of choice, from lamparquet to solid wooden planks and from pre-finished wooden floors to outdoor planks. Many proposals to meet different tastes and customer needs.

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Classe E1 Formaldeide All our 2 o 3 layer wooden floors correspond to E1 class. »
CE Marking CE Marking »
LegnoAria+ VOC free finishing, suitable for bio-architecture »
Environmentally compatible product suitable for bio-architecture.
Products which could be delivered, on request, in compliance with cfl-s1 fire reaction standards.
This certification can guarantee to the client that the product has been realised with material from forests sustainable from ecologic, economic and social point of view.
Wooden floor suitable also for floor heating and cooling systems.
Wooden floor suitable for floating laying.
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